How Do You Convert A Character Building And Keep It Looking Chic!

Atelier Set Architecture is very happy to have assisted Grace Charles Property in realizing their commercial conversion project which was possible under prior approval!

Bringing People Together!

The Financial Times Weekend Festival 2018 was held on 8 September in London. It was a festival of ideas, of revolutionary thinking, of deep reflection on where we stand, and most all, a festival to bring together people to think about where we are heading as a society.

Are you an architect with entrepreneurial ambitions? How “Archipreneurs” are perceived, and the difference between that and a developer? Which way will you take your business?

Architecture can lead you into whichever direction you see fit. Many choose the path of an architectural degree and look to progress in corporate life.

Tips for working with an architect

Architects are known to have some of the most creative minds in society, their ability to envision, design and develop projects are phenomenal.