How Do You Convert A Character Building And Keep It Looking Chic!

Atelier Set Architecture is very happy to have assisted Grace Charles Property in realizing their commercial conversion project which was possible under prior approval!

We were actually introduced to the developer by David Kemp from DRK planning.

The Coach House is located in Whitechurch village, Buckinghamshire and is 5 miles north of the County Town of Aylesbury via the A413. This two stories characterful detached office building sits within the Firs courtyard setting and is currently used by the British Institute of professional photography. The Firs is a grouping of buildings enclosed within a walled and landscaped setting. Mainly two stories, part single storey.

It has a total Gross Internal Area (GIA) of 3,080 sq ft (286.16 sqm). and a Total net internal floor area 2,405 sq ft (223.44 sqm).

Grace Charles property’s brief was to convert this character period building into a residential quarter specifically directed towards young professional or families wanting to downsize.

We were quite happy to work out several options showing the different spatial configurations of one and two bedroom apartments. Grace Charles Property obviously wanted to maximize the use of sellable areas but in keeping with the quality of the overall spatial arrangement. We were able to serve the client needs by eliminating corridors and allowing for an open space arrangement. This was possible because the existing building is laid out over two floors. Taller buildings would require a sprinkler system in order to pass building control.

So next time you think about converting an office to residential building and want to maximize on sellable areas, make sure you factor in the cost of the sprinkler system and whether there is enough room for it!

Enjoy converting and well done Grace Charles Property!

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