Tips for working with an architect

Architects are known to have some of the most creative minds in society, their ability to envision, design and develop projects are phenomenal. Having said that, It is quite important to collaborate with an architect that is best suited for you and your project, who in turn will assist you in materializing your development ambitions.

A question I get asked regularly is “What makes a successful relationship between an architect and their client?” be it a developer or a private client; my answer is simple: mutual respect, trust and most importantly aligned visions are basics to that successful relationship. These three essential attributes are key fundamentals as they surely establish a long term relationship between the two parties. However, there are other attributes that need to be acknowledged and dealt with prior to engaging with your architect.

Make sure your project brief is ready for your initial meeting

Architects credentials is not something that should be overlooked, and architects will be more than happy to share with their clients, samples of their previous work, their skills, knowledge as well other related competencies within their sector.

Typically, the architect is the lead designer/consultant, the conductor orchestrating the rest of the design team (be it structural designer, mechanical, electrical, or any other consultant) and therefore the architect should be able not only to lead but also to manage the design process throughout the project life cycle. Therefore ensuring that the architect you have selected to collaborate with possesses the basic competencies of leading and managing a project is another key fundamental.

As any experienced PM would tell you, successfully managing Cost, Time, & Quality are key to ensuring “delighted” clients. And working with a well-rounded experienced architect who understands and applies the three basic rules of “the golden triangle” (Cost, Quality, & Time) is key to successful projects and most importantly “delighted” clients.

As a qualified architect and project manager with 17 years of corporate experience, I ensure all my clients are aware of the various ways in which we operate, and the skills and knowledge we can put forward towards our projects.

Is your vision & ambitions being materialized throughout the architect’s drawings?

Architects communicate ideas through drawings and in doing so we make sure our client’s vision and ambitions are portrayed and materialized throughout our design proposals and drawings.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier in this article, any successful relationship should be based on mutual respect, trust and shared values. Therefore it is important to ensure that both parties share those basic attributes; ask yourself a simple question: are your visions somehow aligned for what you are trying to achieve? As these are extremely helpful in ensuring a healthy working relationship between the two parties and most importantly repeat business!

At Atelier Set Architecture, each of our projects have been designed with a clear understanding of our client’s project brief, vision & ambitions. So I do hope these tips will be helpful to you in all your future projects.

For more information, please get in touch with Saleem A. Jalil at Atelier Set Architecture.

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