Ocean Front Towers

Category: Architecture | Location: Eko Atlantic City | Site Area: 5,200m2 | Built-up Area: 32,000m2 | Height: 130m | Project Type: Residential/Retail | Concept Design

Ocean Front Towers Development is located within the prestigious Business district of Eko Atlantic city. The client’s vision is to build a twenty first century city and therefore provide a state of the art living and working experience in one of the largest sub-Saharan African cities Lagos.

The Ocean Front Towers project is a distinctive 47storey twin office towers development located at the prestigious Eko Boulevard and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and providing a 360 degree view towards the city.
The design brief called for the design of aflexible typical floor plate that allows for flexible use of office space by multiple clients (four client per floor); each client has their own direct access to the core and dedicated lifts. Each tower has 14 lifts.

This is a high density office tower. The podium is a four storey structure that houses all necessary residents as well as visitors’ vehicles as well as all related building systems and amenities. The podium terrace however, included all related entertainment, Gym, Swimming pools, mini golf, and restaurants.Each office tower is designed and perceived independently of its podium. The ground floor podium perimeter is reserved for retail accessible to the public.

SET Role: Lead Architect

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