No.1 Abuja Boulevard Masterplan

Category: Masterplanning/Architecture | Location: Abuja, Nigeria | Site Area: 220,000m2 | Total Numb of Dwellings: 2,572 Dwellings | Number of Dwellings per Hectare: 117 dw/He | Project Type: Mixed Use – Live/Work/Play Concept Design

The 2.2 hectares vacant site for Abuja Pinewoods residences is located along the east ring of Murtala Mohamed Expressway. The main objective of this masterplan is to create a new high quality housing development which corresponds to the needs and aspirations of modern Nigerians.

The proposed housing development consists of almost two thousand apartments. From the outset the client’s design brief asked for an exceptional urban environment with a combination of space, landscape, and good environmental performance. There is a well-considered variety of housing within the scheme which consists of 13 clusters; with almost 20 different luxurious housing types and around 12 luxurious apartment types. However, the variety stems from two types only, Type A and Type B. Density is also mixed with 117 dwelling per hectare.

The apartments range from one bedroom dwelling of 80 square meters, to two bedrooms dwelling of 150 square meters, to three bedrooms dwelling of 200 square meters and finally to four bedrooms dwelling of 240 square meters.

SET Role: Concept Design*
*In Collaboration with ZHA

Natural Light

The buildings aim to maximise natural light and ventilation.


The landscaping spaces and the internal courtyards give a significantly distinct identity and modern impression.

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