Eko Atlantic Marina

Category: Masterplan/Architecture | Location: Eko Atlantic | Built-up Area: 10,000m2 | Project Type: Marina/Naval | Scheme Design

Eko Atlantic Marina is located within the prestigious marina district of Eko Atlantic city. The client vision is to provide a “hot spot” island to animate the marina district. The design proposal calls for primarily enhancing the pedestrian experience around the new proposed marina by creating a new connection bridge leading to the central “hot spot” / island which accommodates all marina functional amenities.

The program allows for a harbour master, a high end club house and other marina related amenities that could potentially serve up to 460 berths for boats of varying sizes (up to 20 meter boats).

Golf carts will be used to accelerate movement within the marina and along the floating pontoons.

SET Role: Design & Project Management*
* In Collaboration with ZHA

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