Atlantis Height Towers

Category: Architecture | Location: Eko Atlantic City | Site Area: 5,200m2 | Built-up Area: 32,000m2 | Height: 130m | Project Type: Residential/Retail | Concept Design

The 10 million square meter city has been designed as a mixed-use development with residential, retail, offices, hotels, recreational and entertainment activities, and the integration of retail and commercial areas will provide residents with the opportunity of having a good work/life balance. The city’s world-class infrastructure and amenities such as independent power supply, clean water supply, waste treatment and advanced telecommunications will also ensure that the city is self- sufficient and sustainable. It is intended to be the financial capital city of sub-Saharan Africa.

Atlantis Height comprises two medium-high rise towers (minimum of 15 floors) which will allow for a residential & commercial program. One tower is to be for commercial use (mainly offices) while the second for residential use and both towers are to share a common podium as well as required parking facilities. Design should also incorporate amenities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, spa/salon, convenience store, indoor sports facility and communal club-house for use by all occupants of the buildings.

The developers are a niche player in the luxury and high-end property market, who own and develop properties in choice areas such as Lekki, Orange Island, Royal Garden Estate, Victoria Garden City and Eko Atlantic City.

SET Role: Lead Architect

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